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Week Beginning 19.04.21


Welcome back children! We hope everyone had a good Easter break. We have started the first week back with a lot of enthusiasm! The children have all been very keen to learn all about our new topic 'Super Structures'. This week we have started designing our topic book covers using pencils to sketch different famous monuments. In Science we finished off our topic on sound and make our own paper cup telephones with string, it was exciting to learn more about how sound travels and to try this out with our classmates. We have been learning some more about equivalent fractions in maths and developing our skills further. Remember that homework is starting up again from this week so you will need to complete your homework on Google Classroom and Mathletics for Monday (also remember to go on Spelling Shed and Read Theory). See you next week!

Week beginning 14.12.20


This week has been very busy! We had so much fun doing Christmas crafts, listening to Christmas music and finishing off lots of final bits linked to our learning theme. In DT we had fun making our spinach and feta parcels which we designed, made and then evaluated. Thursday was toy day which was lots of fun and we all brought in our toys to share with other people and play with!


We have a lovely week and hope you all have a lovely Christmas break.


Year 4 Team

Week beginning 07.12.20


This week was very exciting because we had our Greek theme day. We dressed up as ancient Greeks and had a fun-filled day of Greek artwork, researching Greek gods and and in the afternoon the Greek Olympics! We also had our Christmas lunch which the staff in the kitchen very kindly cooked for us all! We had crackers and festive music and had such a lovely time! On Friday it was Christmas jumper day so we all came to school dressed in our Christmas jumpers and had a great day. We also watched a Christmas pantomime which was so much fun!


We look forward to seeing you next week for more Christmas fun!


Year 4 Team

Week beginning 30.11.20


This week we have been learning about humans and digestion in science after finishing our learning about teeth last week. We learnt about the different organs that are part of our digestive system. we have been learning about Ancient Greece some more in history, this week we learnt about how to record a range of historical information in the clearest way. In PE we have been continuing our dances that we leant and perfecting our moves!


Next week we have our Greek theme day so remember your costumes next Thursday!


Have a lovely weekend.


Year 4 Team

Week beginning 23.11.20


This week we have been doing some persuasive writing about Athens and Sparta and learning about persuasive devices we can use to enhance our writing. In art we continued with our paper-mache vases and layered up the newspaper to make them more sturdy and stronger. We have been very busy this week as we are nearly in the run up to Christmas and have lots of exciting things planned for the next few weeks!


Have a lovely weekend children and we will see you next week!


Year 4 Team

Week beginning 16.11.20


This week we have been learning about fronted adverbials in English which we used to add more detail and make our writing more interesting for the reader. In Art this week we started making our paper-mache vases. We blew up balloons and then began to layer newspaper on them and covered them in PVA glue. It took quite some time but they are looking brilliant so far! We will continue with them in the next few weeks. This week was also Anti-Bullying Week, we have been learning about the impact of bullying and the responsibilities that we all have and that we need to look out for other children.


Have a lovely and restful weekend and we will see you next week.


The Year 4 Team

Week beginning 09.11.20


This week we were thinking about paragraphing in English and how we use them. We learnt about the structure of paragraphs and what the topic sentences, supporting sentences and concluding sentences are for. In science we continued our learning about teeth and compared teeth of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and talked about what the different animals use their teeth for. In Computing we learnt about online bullying and why being safe online is so important to keep ourselves safe.


Have a lovely weekend.


Year 4 Team

Week beginning 02.11.20


This week was our first week back after half term and the first week of our new learning theme 'Groovy Greeks'. In English this week we started looking at Ancient Greek myths and how they were told and performed to others and passed on verbally. In Science we started our new leaning all about teeth and digestion. In science we learnt about the different types of teeth, how many we have and what they are all called and used for. In art we started thinking about greek artwork in preparation for our topic book covers next week. We started practising using different media to create lines. We have got lots of exciting things planned this half term which we cannot wait to share with you all!


Have a lovely weekend.


The Year 4 Team

Week beginning 19.10.20


This week was the last week of term before half term! We have still been busy doing lots of work but have had some fun too! We looked at fronted adverbials in our writing which we included in our writing to add more detail and make it more exciting. We looked at measurement in maths this week and were looking at converting different units and using the best unit of measurement depending on what we were measuring.


We hope you all have a lovely and restful half term break and enjoy some time off school.


We look forward to welcoming you back after half term!


Year 4 teachers

Week Beginning 12th October


This week the children have become story tellers and have written their own Beatrix Potter stories. They have innovated the tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck with their own characters and settings using Wildlife Way and our very own Coten End chickens as inspiration. 


In Maths, we have been looking at all things connected with money. The children have been learning how to add and subtract different amounts of money using decimals and they have also looked at how to calculate change when buying objects.


Next week will be our Harvest celebration and we will be thinking about all the things that we can be thankful for in this current climate. 


Enjoy your weekend, 

Year 4

Week Beginning 5th October


This week the children have been creating their own characters out of our very own Coten End hens. We have been reading some of Beatrix Potter's books and using her style and ideas to create our own characters. 

Next week we will be writing our own version of Jemima Puddle-Duck using the characters we have created. 


We have also been spending time looking at some historical maps of Warwick. We have been comparing how the use of land has changed over time and just how much Warwick has changed in the last 200 years. 


In Science we have been creating classification keys and using them to explain how we can tell different animals apart. 


Enjoy your weekend, 


Year 4

Week Beginning 28.09.20


This week we have been very busy continuing with our learning theme 'The Variety of Life'.  In English we have been leanring about time conjunctions at the beginning of the week and then moved on to planning our own setting for a story based in Wildlife Way.


In Reading we have been looking at books by Beatrix Potter, we have been given some very nice dictionaries from the Rotary Club which we have been using to help us look up unfamiliar words in our lessons.


In Computing we have began coding this week and we will continue in the following weeks.


Have a look at the photos below to see some of us using our dictionaries!

Week beginning 21.09.20


This week has been very busy in school! We are half way through our term now and have been learning about present and past tense adverbs to show time and cause. We have been continuing our learning in RE about the way Jesus is portrayed and how people view Him. In our Geography this week we have continued our learning about maps and have started learning about 4-figure grid references which were actually quite tricky! Once we got the hang of it we started to understand a bit more how it all worked!


We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Week beginning 14.09.20


This week we have been learning about using conjunctions to express time in English and extending our sentences using conjunctions. In Maths we have continued our learning about place value and the value of different numbers. In PSHE we started learning about having a growth mindset and what it means to learn from mistakes and failures. In Geography we have been very busy and have been learning about locations and using longitude and latitude to help us identify key locations on world maps.

House Captain Elections


These will be held on Thursday 11.09.20 afternoon. Please prepare a speech if you would like to put yourself forward for this.

Week Beginning 07.09.20


This week we have got into the full swing of of new learning theme and got used to being back in school after the summer holidays. We started looking at place value in maths and were reminding ourselves of the value of ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. In science we have started learning about habitats and exploring and identifying local habitats. We have started tag rugby in PE and learning about the different techniques we need in the game.

Week Beginning 01.09.20


We will not be setting homework this week as it is the first week back.


Instead we would like you to think about house captains! In Year 4 we have two house captains for each house. Next week we will hold house captain elections so if you would like to put yourself forward then start practising your speech!




  • PE = Wednesday
  • Spelling Test = Tuesday
  • Times Table Test = Wednesday



  • PE = Monday Aut 1 Thursday Aut 2 
  • Spelling Test = Wednesday
  • Times Table Test = Wednesday



  • PE = Monday
  • Spelling Test = Monday
  • Times Table Test = Monday

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