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23rd September 2022


We have been enjoying continuing with our Learning Theme: The Variety of Life. 


In English, we have invented our own animal species, planned details about our animal using expanded noun phrases, varied pronouns and scientific words for classification. We used our plans to write non-chronological reports about our invented animal species, making sure they were organised in sections using paragraphs and sub-headings. 


In Maths, we have continued learning about place value for four-digit numbers. We have learned how to compare numbers up to 10,000 and place them on a number line. 


In Science, we have learned how to classify animals using classification keys. We sorted animals and identified them using classification keys. Then we created our own classification keys for animals to sort and identify them, by creating our own questions using the characteristics of the animals.


In PSHE, we have learned about unhelpful thoughts and thinking styles and the different parts of the brain. We sorted scenarios into different unhelpful thinking styles and learned how to re-frame out thoughts into more helpful thinking styles.

16th September 2022


We have had a busy start to the term in Year 4. We have begun the year with our first Learning Theme: The Variety of Life. 


In English, we have been recapping word classes and sentence construction and are looking forward to inventing our very own animal species next week ready to write our non-chronological reports.


Lots of our current learning theme is based around Science. We have started our first unit of Science work which is all about animals and their habitats. We have explored habitats around Coten End and have used classification keys to sort and identify different animal species and their common characteristics. 


We revisited some map skills in Geography this week when we learnt about the significance of different lines of latitude. We collected data about average precipitation and temperature in different countries of the world and then spotted patterns in these countries' climates in relation to which lines of latitude they were closest to. 


In PSHE, we have begun the year learning about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We discussed how our rights are related to our responsibilities and how our responsibilities might change throughout our life. Following on from our discussion about responsibilities, we carried out our elections for house captains and other class representatives at the end of the week. We learnt about how democratic elections work and, after listening to the speeches of the different candidates, used ballot papers to vote.

27.05 - Platinum Jubilee. As part of our celebrations, we all wrote pledges describing how we are going to help protect the environment.

Year 4 Blog- 23.5.22

Anaya and Mark 4BS


This week we are going to the Young Voices. We have not gone to it yet but we are all looking forward to it. It's happening tomorrow and we have been practising a lot.Because we have been practising so much, we all know all the songs as we are singing so well now.We have this opportunity tomorrow to go to the Young Voices to sing in front of our friends and families.


In DT we have been designing our own toys using cam mechanisms. We all enjoyed it but some of us found it hard to think of ideas to base our toy off then use the right cams to make it like what we are basing it off. We had to make sure that we used good choices for the cams otherwise it would not be how we wanted it to turn out.


In Science we have been learning about electricity and we have made electrical circuits and have experimented to see if they work in different orders. We also have learnt about conductors and insulators. We have experimented to see what some conductors and insulators were. 


It has been very interesting and fun this half term. We enjoyed it all.


8th April 2022


This half term we have been learning about Celts and Conquerors.  We have been writing a description of the erupting mountain in Pompeii where the children try to escape the erupting mountain. They escaped in a boat but some of their family members sadly did not make it but in the end the children arrive at an island and they are safe.


This weekend half of the class went to Blackwell and the other half and the people who were staying did Roman shields and other fun activities. Also we did Lego we Do and the class really enjoyed it.   


By Charlotte, 4CB


During the last week of Celts and Conquers in school we have been making roman shields using card, paint and foil.  Firstly, we painted the card in red then when the painted dried, we used stencils to draw eagle wings and arrows.  Second, we painted them gold and black.  Third, using a whiteboard pen we added detail onto the wings. Last but not least, using the foil we stuck it to the middle of the shield to create a metal centre.


By Elisa, 4CH


This half term in year 4 we have been doing our topic, Celts and Conquerors.

We have been writing a Pompeii story where the Gentle Mountain erupts and Felix and Cassia escaped to d”Ischia where Cassia’s family lives.  In Science we have been learning about sound and the parts in are ears that help us to hear.  The ear bones are very important and the ear drum.  We also wrote a speech imagining that we were Boudica, encouraging people  to join her side to fight the Roman army.


By Kaci, 4CB



25th March 2022


We have had another busy week in Year 4 completing lots of different assessments to see how we are progressing this term. 


In History we continued to learn about Roman Britain. This week, we have specifically looked at the lasting impact of the Romans on life in Britain today. We debated as a class which of the Roman influences had had the most significant impact including written language, currency, plumbing and roads. 


We also learnt more about Roman place names and, using an Atlas, plotted some Roman roads that are still important transport links in modern day Britain.


In Music, we composed our own Roman marching chants using all the skills we have worked on this term. After deciding on the structure of the lyrics, we decided on pitches and other musical elements such as staccato and legato phrases. We will be practising performing our chants with Mrs Purser next week.


In Science, we investigated which material would be best for making a pair of ear defenders. We tried out different materials and observed how effective they were at insulating sound as well as thinking about other properties that made them more or less suitable. 


In Maths, we began learning about how to read and write Roman Numerals this week. Although it was tricky at first, we got there in the end!


Some Year 4 children have been trialling a programme called Times Table Rockstars this week to help us with our times table knowledge. So far, we have been really enjoying it and we are getting very speedy with our times table recall. 

18th March 2022


We have had an excellent start to Spring Term in Year 4 starting our new topic Celts and Conquerors. This week has been very busy including Science Week, a visit from a GB Athlete (Joe Roebuck) and Red Nose Day!


In History we have been learning about Roman Britain. We have been comparing life in Ancient Rome with Iron Age Britain, as well as writing ‘Wanted’ posters for Boudicca.


We are really enjoying our weekly singing lessons with Mrs Purser. Our singing sessions link with our Music lessons, in which we have been listening to and appraising Roman chants. We have also been composing our own songs, thinking about different pitches and tunes.


In Science we have been learning about Sound, including how the ear works, how sound travels and pitch. We have been using different musical instruments and carrying out different experiments to investigate pitch.


In English, we are continuing to develop our understanding of speech punctuation and have been working hard re-telling the story of Pompeii. This piece of work has allowed us to demonstrate lots of our Year 4 Key Skills that we have been learning about this year.


In Maths we are beginning our new unit which is Decimals. This will last until Easter as there is lots to learn in Year 4, including tenths, hundredths and common equivalences.


We are really excited about our upcoming residential to Blackwell in a few weeks!

Documentaries made by 4CH using iMovie maker

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Shannon, Connie, Maisie and

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Chinwan, Zara, Emily g,

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Abh, Charlie, Ianis,

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Jett, Harry,

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We have made our own 'David Attenborough' style documentaries based on our English Writing

w/c 10.01.22   Weekly blog written by Emily N and Elisa C 4CH 

Our new learning theme this term is the BIG FREEZE!!!



On Monday, we learnt some facts about Emperor penguins and wrote them down and here are some of our favourite sentences:

-This creature can survive in some of the coldest water and places since they have lived in Antarctica for their whole life.

Since Penguins are easily recognised by their colouring, they won't be spotted in the water.

In Geography, we also learnt to compare vegetation belts in different areas of the world. 



On Tuesday, we had a Math test to recap our maths learning. We also finished our Penguin write up by writing our facts in a paragraphs including subordinate conjunctions .After lunch in science, we learnt about Solids,Liquids and Gases we also stuck some pictures of these to represent each.



After break, we had our singing lessons and we had a lot of fun singing with our singing teacher Mrs Purser. In PSHE, we learnt about the theme of disappointment and that this might happen and the things that are in and out of our control. For example, you can not control what other people do and say and also one from in control is trying your best.



On Thursday in the afternoon we did Geography and in it we were learning about Global impacts of climate change  this is something we wrote about the impacts of global warming 

-Rising sea levels causing flooding

-Loss of animal habitats and food sources

-extreme and unpredictable weather 

-Forest fires

-Drought difficulty growing crops to create food

-Warming of ocean water affects sea life 

-Impact on food chains because of habitat loss



On Friday, we learnt how to investigate the change in states of matter.

In it we were doing a science experiment to see if ice weighed the same as a solid matter compared to a liquid form. We were also given a large block of ice (to represent icebergs) and measured the diameter and the about of liquid formed for over an hour. 

Year group blog - w/c .11.21 written by Ashley and Harry (4CH) 29.11.21




Firstly, we did a spelling test on our words this week. 10.00-10.30 we were swimming at our local pool. When we got back from swimming we went straight to break. After break, we started to complete our narrative version of Theseus & the Minotaur. After lunch, we started our design for our pots and learnt the techniques.



At the start of the day, we had an assembly. After assembly, we finished of our narrative. As soon as we got back from break we had French with Madam-Allison. Finally,  we did some singing for our concert and some computing looking at creating our own Greek myths on



This was our Theme day so we had to dress up as Ancient Greek people or Gods. We started our day by going to the hall to meet a guest to teach us about Ancient Greeks. We did some acting in the hall before going back to our classroom for a tricky quiz with Mrs-Clark-Hammond. The second Greek day activity was a Greek game which is kind of like chess but you don’t have special counters.

The second to last activity was a fun game of Archimedes’ puzzle where we made a square using wooden puzzle pieces that all looked the same but shaped different. Then we went into the hall, and learned about armour and weapons with our guest before doing a mini Olympics against the other Y4 classes pretending to be Athens & Sparta. Finally, it was home time.



In the morning, we tasted some foods for our delicious Greek food before going to break and then lunch. In the afternoon we started making our Greek vases out of clay.



Year group blog - w/c 15.11.21 written by Marnie and Charlie (4CH) 




On Monday, we focused on maths key skill 15- To order and compare numbers beyond 1000 .After that, we went swimming for 30 minutes. Next, we did English and we started off testing what we remembered  about speech punctuation from year 3. Soon, we did our spelling test and we practised the spellings starting with dis and ending of ation. In the afternoon, we started our egg  experiment  and  we  used  different types of liquids such as water, vinegar, coca cola, squash and juice. Our eggs represented the enamel on our teeth and we were testing to see which liquid would effect our teeth the most. 


We have been making observations on our eggs every day this week. 



On Tuesday,  we started focusing on how to calculate and measure perimeter in Maths. After that, we read through the Greek myth about Theseus and the Minotaur- we then created our own story illustrated maps retelling the key events.



We did a mini quiz and started creating a description of our very own monster in French. We continued to learn about the key rules when punctuating speech in English. 



 On Thursday, we had our final dance workshop with Motionhouse to go with the songs we have been learning to sing like the Olympians and It's all Greek to me. As it was inter-faith week we learnt about some of the different religions from all over the world. 



Friday was an excellent day we did a lot of English and more Maths about perimeter. In the afternoon, we did PSHE about anti-bullying and we made our own Cyber bullying poster.

Dictionaries !

Year 4 were presented with their very own illustrated dictionary today - A big thank you to The Rotary Club of Warwick for providing them. 


Autumn 2 - w/c 08.11.21


4CH- weekly blog written by Louis and Sienna 



On Monday, we learnt about converting mm and cm when multiplying and dividing by ten.

In PSHE, we learnt about internet safety and the importance of when putting something on the internet it does not disappear. Later on in the day, we did a class council about playground equipment.



On Tuesday, we welcomed our parents into our class for a grammar 'Come and Learn' session. We did a grammar test and also  completed an interesting piece of work about the Hydra . 

In the afternoon, we did maths all about converting from kilograms to meters . 



Before lunch time, we wrote a  WANTED poster about our made up mythical animals and we worked hard on out key skills . 

(Capital letters and fullstops, questions , singular possessions and pronouns).

In science, we did some research using the iPads about herbivores and carnivores teeth and how there are so different. 




On Thursday we did a dance workshop with Motion House where we made our own Greek themed dances in groups of four.

In maths we were converting cm, mm, m, km .

Our history lesson was about significant figures and what they were well known for during the Ancient Greek period (Archimedes, Hippocrates and King Alexander). We had to work in groups to persuade the rest of the class why our chosen one was the most significant (important). 



On Friday, the other half of the class did come and learn session . In our maths we started our perimeter work using 2D shapes to measure and calculate the perimeter of a shape. 

Autumn 1 in Year 4


We have had a fantastic first half term in Year 4 during our 'Variety of Life' Learning Theme. This topic has been all about different animals and we have done lots of fantastic Science and Geography.


We began our Learning Theme by creating our animal print topic book covers using oil pastels. Texture and colour were our main skill focuses during this work and we produced some fantastic results.


In Science, we have been learning about classifying animals according to their characteristics and we also conducted our own experiment to see which type of bird food was most popular. Using bird feeders we made from milk bottles, we placed a variety of foods out in 'Wildlife Way' and observed which food type was the most popular with the birds (and squirrels!).




Our Geography has been focused on map work. We revised locating different continents and countries on a world map as well as labelling key features such as the equator, poles and tropics. 




Later in the half term, we began to look at land use in the UK by comparing rural and urban areas on maps. We even compared how land use has changed over time in Warwick by comparing maps from 2021 and 1834.




In English, we have been working on lots of different grammar skills including conjunctions, adverbials, pronouns and expanded noun phrases. Lots of our writing has been based around our class text 'When The Mountains Roared' which we have been really enjoying reading. We have completed some fantastic pieces of writing including:


Non-fiction texts about an invented species



Letters from Dr K Fisher giving advice to a stick insect who had lost his brother



An advert for 'The Mountain View Hotel' (from our book)





Next half term, our Learning Theme is 'Groovy Greeks' so we will be taking part in lots of History and Art topics and even designing our own Greek-inspired dish in Cookery.