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Year 4 Big Freeze Theme day

Year 4 will be having their Big Freeze theme day on Wednesday 5th February. There will be a strategy game based on a journey through Antarctica, a physical team-work challenge and an art activity on this day. We would be happy to see the children dressed as Antarctic explorers on this day.

Year 4 Blog - 17/1/20

What a busy week! We moved on from our 9 x table and began to learn our 7 x tables. Hopefully lots more children will be passing their level on grid next Monday! In English we began to write information texts on climate change, as well as learning about Earnest Shackleton and his childhood. Did you know that he was one of 10 children? We began our first music topic this week and we listened to two pieces of music and thought carefully about how they made us feel. The first piece of music was 'Albatross' by Fleetwood Mac and the second was 'Mars: Bringer of War' By Gustav Holst. 4SW had their first Ukulele lesson this week too, which was so much fun. Finally in Geography we learnt about biomes and all the different climate zones around the Earth. 

Year 4 Blog - 6/1/19

Following the success of our AMAZING Christmas performance, Stable manners (which we hope you enjoyed by the way!) we headed back into school on Tuesday ready for a fresh new year. We have begun learning about the Big Freeze and climate change. We have been thinking about how global warming is impacting animals and humans. Did you know that the Arctic’s sea ice has been melting at a rate of 9% every decade?
We used oil pastels to create our new front covers and we had to think carefully about the different colours we might see in an iceberg so that we didn’t just use white. In maths we have been practising our 9 times tables and have learnt some different tricks and tips to try and remember them. Finally in dance we have been creating a penguin dance to try and show how graceful penguins are in the water.

By Ava, Ivo, Martha & Eliza

Year 4 Blog - 18/11/19 

On Monday we had our Ukulele lesson and we were practising songs for our performance in a few weeks time. In maths we have been learning to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. We have begun to write our Greek Myths after weeks of planning and we are looking forward to putting it into a book. In Science we learnt about teeth and why different animals have different types of teeth. We looked at the skulls of a herbivore, omnivore and carnivore. On Wednesday we got given our roles in the Christmas performance and have been learning the songs all week. 

Isla and Angus - 4RB