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Home Learning Guidance:


In the event that your household has to self isolate or you are awaiting test results, work will be assigned by your class teacher on Google Classroom.


The work is assigned as a subject and split into days within this. Please ensure that you aim to complete one maths and one English activity a day as well as one science unit over the course of a week.


Teachers will be unable to replenish resources if they are worked through too quickly. If you’d like your child to access additional practice, please use ReadTheory, SpellingShed and Mathletics. If you have any problems logging in, contact


You can also find additional lessons at

How to access Google Classrooms

Week beginning 16th November


We have been having lots of fun with our 'Magical Muggles' learning theme! This week we started sewing our Harry Potter House banners. Although some stiches are a bit tricky, they are coming on well. Photos to follow!


In Maths, we continued our work on factors and multiples and then moved on to long multiplication. We learned how important it is to record the method accurately, as there are a few steps to remember. In English, we wrote flashbacks and character descriptions in preparation for writing our very own chapter.


It has been great to see the Christmas card entries so far. Don't forget, the closing date for these is Friday 27th November for those that want to take part.


Have a great weekend!


The Year 5 Team

9th October 2020


As well as being busy doing assessments this week, we have also squeezed in some new learning!


In English this week, we have been planning our newspaper reports based upon the story of Beowulf and the attacks by the vicious 'Grendel'! So far we have considered the events we will write about in chronological order and have come up with some engaging headlines! We're looking forward to writing them next week.


In Maths, we learned about adding decimal numbers. We considered how important it is to set out the written calculations carefully, particularly when working with decimals!


On Friday, we had a Mindfullness afternoon for Mental health Awareness Day which was on Saturday. We tried out some strategies for focussing our attention, rather than having a scattered mind. We learned how mindfullness can help us to feel focused, settled and calm.

2nd October 2020


We have continued to enjoy the Traders and Raiders learning theme in Year 5. In History, we learned about the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne. We were shocked at the ferocity of the attack, which was one of the first in England. In English, we wrote character descriptions of Beowolf and Grendel. We used adverbs, adjectives and fronted adverbials to make the characters come alive in our writing!


We have been working on addition and subtraction in Maths, and have been considering different ways of checking our calculations, including by rounding numbers to check for a reasonable answer and by using the inverse operation.


We hope you enjoyed seeing our Christmas card designs which were sent home on Thursday. We certainly enjoyed creating them! We were very pleased with the end results and really hope that you will order some!


Have a lovely weekend,


The Year 5 Team

18th September 2020


It has been another busy week in Year 5 and we would like to say a big 'well done' to all the children, who have worked incredibly hard.


In Maths, we began the week learning about negative numbers, moving onto Roman numerals on Thursday and Friday. This certainly got some of us thinking!


In English, we have focussed on some key skills including the use of pronouns in our sentences. The teachers are impressed that the children are really starting to structure their sentences in different ways!


We have also been working on our Christmas cards, but we obviously need to keep this a secret until you can get to see and purchase them. Watch this space!


We hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend, thank you for your ongoing support.


The Year 5 Team


(5WW - remember to bring in an art shirt on Monday if you haven't already, thank you)

11th September 2020


Year 5 have worked incredibly hard during their first full week back and we are very proud of how well the children have settled back into school! During the week, we have been widening our vocabulary choices and writing a variety of sentence types in English, rounding numbers to 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000 in Maths and testing out parachutes in Science!


Hopefully, all the children have now been able to access the websites they need to for their homework. Please don't hesitate to come and talk to us if you are having any problems logging in.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


The Year 5 team

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