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Day and Night non-chronological reports

Friday 27th January 2023


It has been a very busy and productive week in Year 5! In Maths, we have started learning about fractions. We have learned how to find equivalent fractions and how to change an improper fraction to a mixed number. We are also working hard on our times tables to help us with our fraction work!


In English, we have written our non-chronological reports all about night and day. We had to ensure that we included some key skills in our writing, including relative clauses. We have started to publish these, and are hoping to display them near the Year 5 classrooms.


We have enjoyed reading The Planetarium text. In our Reading lessons, we have been using our inference and explanation skills to answer questions about this amazing book!


Monday 28th November


In Maths we have worked very hard on our long multiplication and the children seem much more confident with this method.  We are now going to be moving onto formal division and introducing the concept of remainders.


In English we have written our Howlers, you can see some photographs of these below.  They look fantastic. We are now going to be writing our final piece of work for this half term - a missing Chapter from Harry Potter.  Hopefully we can show off all the Key Skills we have covered so far in Year 5. 

In Computing, we have been enjoying tinkering around with Scratch and learning how to code using this platform.  We have been focusing on adding Music to programs we have written.

Our Music lessons have been focusing on understanding how an orchestra works and looking at the different families of instruments.  We have revised how different instruments produce sound and have been learning about the role of the composer, particularly in relation to the famous Harry Potter theme song.  5BW are still enjoying their Ukulele lessons - there is only one more this half term!  We have learnt how to play some chords and play along to songs.   The other Year 5 classes are looking forward to their Ukulele lessons in Spring and Summer term.


Friday this week is our Harry Potter theme day - we are all very excited to dress up and make some exciting potions.  There might also be a special visitor...


Monday 21st November


In Maths we having moved onto learning how to complete formal multiplication (2 or 3 digits by 2 digits).  This is a new process for Year 5 and we are having to concentrate hard in our lessons to remember the method!  Don't forget to check the Parent Information Pack for examples of this method to help your children at home.


In English we have learnt about the present perfect form of verbs and we are revising tenses.  We have also looked at adverbials (which can tell us something about the time, reason, manner or place).  We will soon be reading different letters inspired by Harry Potter characters and then we will be writing our own.

Following the DT process, we are still working on our designs by practising different stitches.  We have worked on back stitch, running stitch, over stitch and blanket stitch.  We are excited to begin sewing our final projects!

In Science we have been looking at states of matter and answering Big Questions such as, "Which substances are soluble or insoluble?" We have been carrying out experiments and investigations to test our Big Questions.

Our PE lessons have been inspired by Harry Potter this half term!  We are learning how to play Quidditch (sadly using hockey sticks instead of broomsticks) and have been choreographing our own dance routines to the Harry Potter theme tune.  

Monday 14th November


In Maths we have been working on prime numbers, multiples, factors, square numbers and cube numbers.  Soon we will be moving onto the formal process for multiplication.  Don't forget to keep revising your times tables using TTRS!


Our English lessons have been doing lots of descriptive writing, ensuring we are using adventurous vocabulary and a variety of sentence structures.  This week we are beginning to revise some important Key Skills ready to write a Harry Potter inspired letter...  We have also enjoyed welcoming our adults into the classroom this week for our Come and Learn sessions, which have focused on writing.

We are beginning to follow the DT process of Explore --> Design -->  Create --> Evaluate.  After exploring different materials, we used Computer Aided Design to create our designs.

We recently took part in a PSHE workshop which reminded us all about how to stay safe at home, school and online.  We watched different sketches which demonstrated different situations, and we then discussed them in groups.  We learnt the PANTS rule to help us remember the key messages.  You can see some photographs of this event below.

Monday 7th November 


In Year 5, we are enjoying our new topic 'Magical Muggles.'  We have introduced our topic in English by writing some descriptions of Privet Drive and Dumbledore.  The children remembered to use all the Key Skills they have learnt so far in Year 5 to create mysterious and suspenseful openings.  You can read some of these below. 

At the end of last half term, we finished our Science learning on Forces by carrying out an investigation to understand how friction works... using shoes!  Have a look below at some of the work and photographs of our experiment.  We are looking forward to our new topic, understanding states of matter and the properties of different materials.


In DT this term, we are beginning to explore materials ready to design and then create a Hogwarts inspired banner.  We are also beginning our Music learning in which we will learn about the composer and score written for the Harry Potter films.  5BW are also continuing our Ukulele lessons. The other Year 5 classes will also have the opportunity to take part in these lessons throughout the rest of the academic year. 

Friday 4th November 2022


It has been another busy week in Year 5! In maths, we have been learning about factors and multiples, and in English, we have started to look at our text, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.


Today, we had a visit from the fire service, who talked to the children about what to do in the event of a fire and they identified hazards around the home. It was very useful and informative and the children can become 'Junior Fire Safety Officers by thinking about what they would do if there was a fire at home.



17th October 2022


In History this week we have been understanding how the country was divided up between the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons following a treaty written by Alfred the Great.  We have used atlases and maps to locate modern day towns and cities whose names are from the Viking era, such as Selby, Margate and Scunthorpe.   This week, we will be working on a final piece of work in which we will be independently researching life in the Danelaw, and understanding more about Viking trade.


In English, we are working on our newspaper reports about the famous attack on the Anglo-Saxon monastery, Lindisfarne. We will be demonstrating lots of key skills in this text, including subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, as well as direct speech.


We are continuing our work on the Taking Care Project in PSHE, and have been creating our Network Hand of trusted adults we can talk to if we feel unsafe or have our Early Warning Signs.  We have also spent some time reading stories and carrying out research into Black History Month.


In Maths, we will soon be moving onto Multiplication and Division, as our unit on Addition and Subtraction is coming to an end.  If you would like to remind yourself of the written methods for these types of calculations, please refer to the Parent Information Pack in the Year 5 Information Evening section.


Our Geography lessons have focused on understanding lines of longitude and latitude, including the Greenwich Meridian Line.  We have looked at time zones and worked out the times in different locations.  We have also been looking at maps to understand how to read contour lines. 

4th October 2022


In History this week we have been looking at life in the 7 Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and understanding how the country was divided up before the invasion of the Vikings.


In English, we are revising our understanding of punctuating direct speech, while in Maths we have begun to improve our mental strategies for adding and subtracting before moving onto formal column addition and subtraction.


We have started our Taking Care Project in PSHE in which we have been discussing our rights and responsibilities and Early Warning Signs in order to keep ourselves safe.


Our Science lessons have been focusing on asking and answering Big Questions such as 'How does gravity influence objects as they fall?' and 'How does water resistance affect how an object moves through water?'  In order to answer these questions we have been carrying out experiments and recording the results.   Have a look at the photographs below to see some work from our Science books.

Year 5 Science Experiments

28th September 2022


We have had an excellent week so far and have taken part in two different workshops, Beatbox and SignSong, see below for some photographs from these events.


In History we have been comparing two different time periods (Roman Britain and Anglo-Saxon Britain) to identify similarities and differences, as well as understand chronology and how one time period can impact on another.


In English, we are beginning our next unit of work which will focus on writing a newspaper report.  We are currently revising subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions.


Our Place Value work in Maths is coming to an end, and we will be moving onto Adding and Subtracting soon.  In our Key Skills lesson we have been working on Prime Numbers.


In Geography we have been learning how to read 6-figure grid references and contour lines on a map.


We have also enjoyed making our Christmas Cards ready for the festive season!! These have a return date of October 5th if you would like to order any of your children's designs.

28th September - Beatbox Workshop, SignSong Workshop and studying History artefacts

22nd September 2022


We have had a busy start to the term in Year 5. We have begun the year with our first Learning Theme: Traders and Raiders which is all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.


Lots of our work this half term is based around History.  We are asking questions about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, understanding why they came to Britain, what happened when they arrived and the relationship between this period in History and others we have studied.  We are looking forward to using the loan box from St John's Museum which is full of fascinating artefacts linked to this period of History.  


In English, we have been revising world classes and been writing expanded noun phrases all about the monster Grendel.  We have been enjoying the story of Beowulf and have been working hard writing character descriptions.  


In Science we have begun learning about forces.  We are looking forward to making our parachutes and testing them to see how the size of the parachute impacts air resistance.


We revised some map skills in Geographylocating the different countries in the UK, looking at counties and 4 and 6 figure grid references.  

We have also been lucky enough to hear from two fabulous authors so far this half term, Cressida Cowell and Humza Arshad.  We listened to them tell us about their lives and read parts of their books. 

Executive Committee and House Captain job descriptions (for those going into Year 6)

Muffin-making in 5WR using seasonal fruit.

Week Beginning 27th June



In Maths this week, we are looking at the properties of different 2D shapes and will be revising perimeter and area.



We are writing diary entries in English as the main character of our book 'The Boy at The End of The World'. We are imagining that we have woken up in a dystopian world and are describing what we can see around us.


Design Technology

5WR and 5SS will be baking muffins this week as part of our DT topic. We have been talking about seasonality and will be using seasonal fruit such as blueberries, strawberries and raspberries in our muffins.


Languages Day

On Thursday, each class will be learning a new language! We will be learning how to say hello and learning a traditional song which we will perform. We will also be taking part in lots of quizzes and a pebble painting workshop. Check back next week for some photos!

Mayan Workshop - 24th - 26th May


Before half term, each Year 5 class had a Mayan workshop delivered by an experienced jungle explorer!


The workshop was a mixture of short, interactive presentations (full of photos, videos and stories from recent expeditions) and hands-on activities in small groups, which included a Maya-themed Maths exercise, a quiz on the dangers of living in the middle of the Central American rainforest and the challenges revolving around the typical Maya lifestyle. The children were engaged and excited and all had a brilliant day learning about the Mayan civilisation. There was even a session where two children from each class dressed up in typical Mayan aristocracy clothing, and had their photograph taken using a portable greenscreen. Here some of the photos from 5SS:

Science week 14-18th March


Year 5 had a brilliant week exploring a whole range of scientific activities related to the theme of 'Growth'. This was all part of Science week. Each class took part in a whole school investigation about the realtionship between handspan and height.


On Thursday afternoon, the Year 5 children shared their own Science projects that they had completed at home with chidren from KS1. Later we welcomed the Year 5 parents in to look at these fascinating pieces of home-learning.


The children received many compliments for their wonderful projects and the enthusiastic way they communicated their findings and knowledge.

Science week photographs


What a half-term!

On Friday last week we went to the National Space Centre in Leicester. It was so much fun learning about the history of Space travel and we even saw some massive rockets. The Planetarium was amazing and it took us on a tour around the Solar System. It was brilliant. 


We have also had our Theme Day, were we learned about the orbit and rotation of Moon and why the appearance of the moon seems to change (these are called 'phases').


Year 5 have been busy this week learning more about fractions (we have been comparing and ordering them). Some of us have been looking at fractions greater than one and comparing those by finding a common denominator. It's been quite hard but fun!


In English, we finished our Moon poems and we made sure we used expanded noun phrases to describe the moon. 


Phases of the Moon using Oreo biscuits


Weekly blog by Connor and Zainab



We have practising our times tables so that can solving Maths word problems and to help us with our reasoning.This week, we also had some Maths assessments to do.


English and Reading:

This week and last week we learned about the past and present progressive tense. For instance: I was eating cake; I was doing my spellings.

In our Reading, we have reading texts about Space and summarising them. We read about Venus this week.



Year 5 have started there Science topic about the Earth, Sun and Moon by starting a graffiti wall all about Space and we have come up with some questions about our Solar System. Some example questions:

When will the Sun explode?

How long does it take to escape the Earth's atmosphere?

Can you get the internet in Space?

How big is the Moon?

In our Theme books, we produced a fact-file about all the planet in the Solar System. There are 8 planets so this took quite a while!



In our RE lesson, we learned what is meant by theist, atheist and agnostic. We also had a chance to show what we can remember about the major religions of the world.



This week we did gymnastics and we did the 'squatty alien' and the 'rocket' and 'star' (these are gymnastic moves!). Working with a partner was really important so that we could help and support each other.



This week has been full of festive fun!

We performed our Christmas performance which included Bible quotes and Christmas songs. We did very well on both performances! We also had our Christmas Party, where we danced and played some games. We then relaxed with some squash and a snack.

We watched our Magical Documentaries and completed our end of term assessments. We completed our House Banners and evaluated them, discussing what we liked about our banners and what we would do differently next time.

On Wednesday, we had our theme day. We all came to school dressed as Harry Potter characters! We decorated wands and created floating candles. We also watched the first Harry Potter film, comparing it to the book and sharing our favourite parts.

On Thursday, we went to watch Jack and the Beanstalk at the pantomime and had an ice cream at the break.

On Friday, we celebrated Toy Day!


Have a lovely Christmas holiday. See you in 2022!


This week in Maths, we have been reading and interpreting tables. This included two way tables as well as timetables.

This week in English, we focused on using modal verbs and possessive apostrophes.

In Science, we completed an investigation to find out which type of sugar would dissolve the quickest and which would dissolve the slowest. We used a sugar cube, Granulated, Caster and Icing sugar. We created a result table and wrote a conclusion.

We finished filming our documentaries and used special effects to create a title or added sounds. In DT, we continued to use our different sewing techniques to sew together our House Banners.



In our writing this week, we have practiced using different skills to write about which House we would like to be sorted into and why. We also used prepositions to describe a Quidditch game and then we used adverbs to write a Health and Safety report after watching a game!

In Maths, we focused on reading and interpreting different graphs. We answered different questions and drew our own line graphs.

In Science, we identified reversible and irreversible changes. We tested different mixtures and we predicted and then discovered whether they were reversible and irreversible. In Music, we looked at different pieces of music and discussed how the composers had used tempo, timbre and dynamics to portray different moods.

In computing, we started to film our documentaries. We used the ipad and camera skills to make it look like there is magic going on. In DT, we continued to cut out more of our House Banners and start sewing our pieces together.


This week, we had our ‘Come and Learn’ sessions. We enjoyed showing our adults how we used relative clauses and use them within our sentences about Harry Potter. It was lovely to show our adults the classroom and our books.

In Maths, we continued with our multiplication and then moved onto short division. We ended the week with word problems using both operations.

In Science this week, we looked at what materials dissolve in liquid to form a solution. We found a mixture of materials which were soluble and insoluble, the pictures show this too.

We also discussed and reminded ourselves of the British Values and how they are represented at Coten End.

In Computing, we began to plan our documentaries in more detail and in DT, we created templates and used them to cut out our different pieces of felt. In Music, we discussed the different areas of the Orchestra


This week, we celebrated Inter Faith Week. We had a Sikh visitor visit Year Five and tell us about their religion. We asked lots of questions! We then had our own presentations in class and other children presented information about their religion, showing pictures and showing items. We discussed Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and more..!

In English this week, we planned an extra chapter to write in the Harry Potter book. ‘Harry Potter and the malfunctioning typewriter’. We also looked at effective ways to start our chapter and looked at how speech was powerful. We then practiced our descriptive writing and wrote our own character description, describing Mr. Dursley. This was really enjoyable!

In Maths, we have been looking at multiplication. We have learnt two different methods to be able to multiply and we have been multiply numbers between U and THTU!

When we looked at music, we then learnt about minims and semibreves, how to draw them and how many beats they were worth.

For computing this week, we didn’t use the computers! We found out that we are creating our own documentaries. It will be showing the audience about magic happening at Coten End! We planned our documentary and discussed how we could use the camera to trick the audience.

This week in DT, we started practicing our sewing skills. We learnt about four stitches: running stitch, back stitch, over stitch and blanket stitch. We then evaluated which stitch we found the easiest and which one we found the hardest.

Through an experiment, we discovered which items dissolved when mixed with water. We discussed how dissolving is not disappearing!


This week, we focused on expanded noun phrases and relative clauses throughout the week. We then used these skills to write about Harry Potter and used simple and multi-clause sentences.

In Maths, we have been investigating prime numbers, square and cube numbers. We have been using different method to find and calculate them and trying to find a pattern.

Within Science this week, we looked at how some changes of state are reversible reactions. We used chocolate (a solid) and melted it into a liquid. We then put it back in the fridge and saw it change state, from a liquid into a solid.

In Music this week, we used a Harry Potter song and used crotchet and quavers to note what we had heard.

For our design technology project, we are going to be creating a felt house banner. This week, we used google draw to design what our house banner will look like so we know what to create.


Wb 01/11/21

In English this week, we were writing about Harry Potter. We were making sure we could identify the subject, verb and object within our sentences. We also focused on using conjunctions this week and writing sentences correctly including them.

In our first week back in maths, we found fractions of amounts to practice our key skills. We also looked at what a multiple was and to find factor pairs as well as the common factors.

In Science, we started to look at our new topic of ‘States of Matter’ and we learnt what a non-newton fluid was. We were able to see that with force it was a solid but also acted as a liquid!

We wish you a happy half term! smiley

Wb 18/10/21

For our final week, we focused on the story ‘Beowulf and the Sea Hag’. We looked at writing in a viewpoint and then using evidence from the text to decide what we really thought of the Sea Hag and whether she was really a villain.

This week we have been adding decimals which have a different number of places. We also subtracted decimals as well and then used reasoning skills to answer lots of decimal questions.

In Science this week, we evaluated our findings from last week and then wrote a letter describing what shoes would be best for the winter by explaining which shoes had the best friction.

In Geography, we looked at the latitude and longitude lines across the world and drew them on top the map of the world. In History, we looked at some different sources and identified what they tell us. We also focused on the whether the sources were Primary or Secondary.

Wb 11/10/21

This week, we have started to write up our newspaper using our plan from last week. We tried to use effective vocabulary and tell the story throughout the week as well as using correct speech punctuation when including an interview in our report.

This week, we completed our maths papers, which we enjoyed. In our maths lessons, we have been adding decimal numbers.

In Science, we investigated friction further by using newton meters by testing different types of shoe and how friction caused more or less force for the shoe to move across the table/foor.

In Geography this week, we compared satellite images and map images of the capital cities of the UK. To describe how the land has been used and compare them. In History, we learnt about the Danelaw and how that affected future events. We created a timeline to show the events in order.

Wb 04/10/21

In English, we have been looking at newspaper reports and identifying the different features. We focused on using effective headlines and using different techniques for cohesion. We then planned a newspaper report informing everyone of Beowulf’s arrival. In Maths, we have been practicing multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000 as part of our key skills. We also used the inverse to check our calculations and we have been solving one and two step word problems involving addition and subtraction. In Science, we investigated the effects of friction. We did this by mixing jelly cubes with salt and the other in oil. The oil causes less friction, making them harder to move.

In Geography, we learnt what contour lines were and how they are shown on a map. We used coloured paper to create a map which used contour lines. In History, we looked at Anglo-Saxon settlements and watched a video to see what it would look like. We used different sources to make notes and then created a leaflet describing it.

Wb 27/09/21

In English this week, we have been focusing on speech punctuation. We have been looking at using inverted commas correctly as well as placing the other punctuation in the correct place. This week in Maths, we have been practicing our addition and subtraction skills by using column addition and subtraction. We also used our skills to solve lots of reasoning problems. In Science, we have been looking at water resistance. We tested our knowledge of water resistance by creating different shapes and seeing how quickly they move through the water.

In Geography, we continued to locate different places on a map using six figure grid references. In History, we compared facts about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. We then sorted the facts into a table in groups.


Wb 20/09/21

In English, we started to write about Beowulf. We practicing using apostrophes for possession, using pronouns and powerful verbs. We then used all these skills to create a character description. In Maths, we counting forwards and back with positive and negative numbers as well as understanding negative numbers. We also completed two lessons reading roman numerals. In Science this week, we completed our parachute investigation and evaluated our results and created a conclusion to show what we had learnt.

In Geography, we looked at a map of Warwick and then used six figure grid references to locate different places.

Wb 13/09/21

In Maths this week, we looked at counting in powers of 10 and as well rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. This week, in English we focused choosing vocabulary to create particular effects and wrote about different pictures, using our different skills. In Science this week, we learnt about air resistance and predicted what would fall faster a bowling ball or a feather. We then planned an experiment to investigate air resistance with different sized parachutes.

In Geography, we used our atlas and clues to identify counties in England. In History, we learnt why the Anglo-Saxons moved to the UK and looked at different case studies.

Wb 06/09/21

It was our first week in Year 5!

It has been lovely to settle into Year 5 and spend a week in our new classroom with our new teachers.


In Maths, we have been revising our place value and knowledge. In English, we have been reading ‘Arthur and the Golden rope’ and focusing on using different skills when writing sentences. In Science, we revised our knowledge on forces and drew the force acting on some pictures.


To start our learning theme, we designed our front covers for our theme books. We drew detailed patterns and designed our own Viking Longship prow. In Geography, we located the countries and a few cities in the UK. In History, we looked at what we knew about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and we discussed why the Romans started leaving and why Rome fell.

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Welcome to Year 5!

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Year 5 Introduction PowerPoint