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Week commencing 28th November 2022:

Bells began to chime as the countdown to Christmas started. 


Our trees sparkled with tinsel and decorations all according to house colours. Younger years are beginning to learn their lines in plays, as their performances draw closer. During the week, we have been absorbed by Banquo's gory ghost in Macbeth. 


"It is an interesting read since it was written by a writer from a long time ago" - says Melina (6AJ)


In maths, we are learning about concise conversions and fantastic fractions. 


You can find sheets in the classroom for a competition to draw the magnificient mascots that are as follows:

Rubies - Bear

Emeralds - Owl

Diamonds - Leopard

Sapphires - Dolphin


"This is a Christmassy season and it's definitely amazing" - Jananika (6WW)


By Jocelyn and Rebecca

Week commencing 21st November

As our time in Year 6 progresses, we are learning new skills, overcoming new hurdles and accepting new challenges. On Tuesday and Thursday last week, parents were welcomed in to visit us during lessons to feel what it is like to be in Year 6 and to learn about how reading is taught. In science, we have been exploring light and proving that it travels in a straight line. Excitingly, on Friday morning, Year 9 students visited us from Myton, for an hour long session to help us review what French we had learned so far. On the following Monday, Year 6 journeyed to Castle Hill Baptist Church to learn all about the Christmas story and how Joseph felt about Mary's baby (Jesus). At the end of our visit, we had all come to the conclusion that the baby was very important. All in all, this week was absolutely fabulous.


By Jocelyn and Rebecca. 

Week commencing 14th November: 


Mary Arden's Farm!

Week commencing 7th November 2022:


Yet again, visitors flocked to Coten End this week, bringing barrels of laughter and learning. 

A charity called 'Loudmouth' visited, performing a short drama - fun and fantastically incorporating seriousness and humour seamlessly. An educational, engaging workshop followed the playful performance, answering our every question and broadening our knowledge of privacy, and who to talk to, hence the chant: "O-800 double one!" (Childline number). 


Since our topic is the Tudors (Toil and Trouble) we have been studying Lady Macbeth and he dastardly husband's wicked deeds. As usual, this week was amazing and we hope that every week will be like this.


Rebecca and Jocelyn

Residential Week:

On the 17th October, multiple adventures with sprinkles of excitement began for Year 6. Whether in or out of school, the anticipation of what new activities would bring was high. Most boarded a coach for a four-hour journey bound for Arete, North Wales. From 7am to 10pm, our days were jam-packed with activities that boosted our confidence, taught us new skills and encouraged teamwork. 


"My dorms boosted my friendships with my peers around me." Anna, 6AJ.


The activities ranged from gorge-scrambling to sea-level traversing. From going down slate mines to rock-climbing, and from canoeing to weaseling - it was enjoyed by everyone. 


Meanwhile, back at Coten End Camp, others were enjoying multiple fun, engaging activities. The field was figuratively turned into a games centre. On Friday morning, Room 11 was transformed into a fabulous French Cafe, complete with a French ordering system, French food and music. Other amazing activities during the week included swimming, fire building, planning, cooking, PE and project making. 

Whether in Wales or England, students learned new skills which will stay with us for life. Overall, we all agree with Sophie from 6WW:

"It was a magical experience - one that I will never forget."


By Rebecca and Jocelyn.

Dear Parents


We are all having a great time in North Wales. We had an incredible day of sunshine yesterday and a lot of us ended up in the water. A complete change today, as we had heavy rain in the morning and then a lot of wind, but as you can see from the photos, the children have had an amazing time.


I have done my best to upload photos of as many children as possible. The activities don't particularly lend themselves to faces getting in shots but we always do our best! Needless to say, you will have access to hundreds of photos after the trip and there will be lots of your child that you can pick out. 


See you Friday!


Mr Williams


"So far during my time at Arete, they've pushed me and challenged me to work out of my comfort zone." - Amelia


"All of the activities have made me wet and tired." - Jananika


"It's been amazing and I've enjoyed everything." - Seth


"It's been fun but a big step out of my comfort zone, however the beds are very uncomfortable" - Mollie S


"Comfort zones here at Arete are definitely short and because of that I've felt more pushed than I've ever felt." - Joshua


"It's a great place to be and it teaches you good life skills." - Kyle


"Definitely challenges you but it's an amazing experience at the same time." - Manuel


"The gorge scrambling was great because I liked climbing up the water and getting into the pool at the end." - Josh S


"Even though the adventures are really long, we get hot chocolate at the end of it." - Sophie W


"The best bit so far has been when Mr Butler-Lines jumped into the water at the gorge." Gabi


"I feel really safe and I have loved it." - Eric


"I have loved it and it's been the best experience of my life." - Timmy


"Being outside in North Wales is a very peaceful experience." - Imy


"It pushes you to your limits." - Jessica


"Dramatic and fun and unexpected" - Yesh


"Every activity has an unexpected turn of events." - Reuben


"Working as a team gets the job done." - Mary


"Beyond terrifying (in a good way)" - Theo G


"Exciting and crazy." - Amelia D





Week commencing 3.10.22:

This week, a physically fun workshop woke up our bodies and brains. All throughout the day, Year 6 visited the Upper School Hall for a delightful dance workshop. Students who participated in Young Voices will have recognised this group as Urban Strides. 

Amy, a member of this organisation, taught us how to perform some marvellous moves. 


Maia, 6AJ, exclaimed, "It was a fantastic experience!".


In maths, we've been looking at long division and long multiplication, whilst in English we have been studying the story of the peppered moth. 


"Overall, this week has been very fun and interesting," as quoted, Maisie (6WW).


P.S. We just wanted to let you know that the school policy for breaktime snacks is fruit, yoghurt or plain crackers. This is to keep you healthy, focussed and energised throughout the day. 


All in all, this has been another fantastic week in Year 6. Our next blog update will come after our residential visit to North Wales, which we are all extremely excited for.


By Rebecca (6AJ) and Jocelyn (6WW)

Week Commencing 26.09.22

This week, Year 6 have participated in many educational activities. 


We got to experience an incredible performance of Macbeth by the Young Shakespeare Company (photos below). It was incredible and we will come back to this story when we do our Tudor topic 'Toil and Trouble' after half-term!


Our current book being Darwin's Dragons, we have written a diary entry from the perspective of the main character, Syms Covington. We just can't wait to find out what happens at the end! 


On Wednesday, a very special visitor came to see KS2. Her name was Fletch, and she and one of her translators (Charlotte), taught us how sign along to a song. When we were allowed to ask questions, she told us how she was born deaf and learned to sign language at an early age. We were exceedingly lucky to have her because she has recently gone on tour with Ed Sheeran!


"The workshop was interesting and helped people have fun" - Jananika (6WW)

Reporters - Jocelyn (6WW) and Rebecca (6AJ)

WC: 12.09.2022

This week, many interesting and educational activities took place. In Maths, we have been learning about rounding numbers, sometimes using number lines to help us.


Very excitingly, on Friday afternoon, we visited Warwick School so we could see bestselling author Cressida Cowell in person! She had just released a new book, which only had been published the day before, and some of us even got signed copies!



Visiting her tied in perfectly with the book (The Wizard of Once) we had been working on in English and Guided Reading. This was mainly because she had written it. We did setting descriptions of the Badwoods, where the Wizards and Warriors live. We looked at using challenging vocabulary and  inference to convey character and setting. 



In Science, we looked at the start of our Evolution and Inheritance unit and explored how we inherit characteristics from our parents. How are you similar and different to your parents?