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Year 6

Executive Committee and House Captain Elections

Dear Year 5 Children,

As we always do, in September we will elect our 16 House Captains and allocate 8 Executive Committee roles to children in Year 6.

You are free to put yourself forward for both roles if you wish but ultimately you will only be able to have one. The Executive Committee roles will be allocated prior to the House Captain roles.

Attached below are the job descriptions for all of the roles available. Please read these carefully before you consider applying.

There is no deadline yet for you to apply and it will not be done in the first week of the Autumn Term so please do not worry if you want to wait until September to decide.


Executive Committee

You need to apply for a specific executive committee role by writing a letter to Mrs Sheepy. You should refer to the job description for that role within your application as well as considering other reasons for why you would be suitable. We will then hold interviews in September with Mrs Sheepy and Mr Grana in the first few weeks of the Autumn Term. We will then elect House Captains after this.  


House Captains

You need to prepare a brief speech that you are happy to say in front of a selection of your peers as well as class teacher saying why you are suitable and referencing the job description. There will then be a vote to decide who will be the house captain representatives for each house. Each house will have four house captains (generally two boys and two girls).  

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