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Year 6

Harvest Festival: 'Let's Harvest' by Al Start.

This year, we will be having a Harvest Festival assembly in school with just our year group. We have been learning the signing to 'Let's Harvest' to perform as part of this. Please practice this at home following this link.

Year 6 Blog w/c 12th October


English - this week in English, we have been learning about subordinating conjunctions ready for our narrative writing next week. Here is a fun abbreviation to help you remember some of them:


Maths - We learnt the method of long division this week through catchy songs, diagrams, rhymes and lots and lots of practice! DIVIDE, MULTIPLY AND SUBTRACT, BRING ON DOWN AND BRING IT ON BACK.


History - In History we learnt about why Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots were enemies and some of us learnt about the Spanish Armada.


Science - In Science this week, we conducted a full investigation looking into how to make the biggest shadow. We first watched this performance by BGT winners, Atrraction and then wrote to them explaining how they could make the biggest shadows.


Year 6 Blog w/c 5th October 2020


English - What.a.week! We all had so much fun pretending to be the three witches from Macbeth. We read the original spell that the three witches chanted in the play and acted it out focusing on our voices and movements - it was a lot of fun. We then thought of lots of gruesome vocabulary and animal body parts that we could put into the cauldron and began to write our own spells! 



Maths - In maths, we learnt the importance of estimating before working out calculations and then how to apply our knowledge of rounding, estimation and negative numbers to word problems. Next week, we are learning about long division which is a year 6 key skill. 


Science - In science, we learnt about how light can bend through refraction. We looked at optical illusions and learnt that an octopus does not have a blind spot. We conducted a mini investigation called 'The amazing arrow!' See if you can do it at home and get people to guess what will happen!


Music- In music, we created our own music based on 'Happy' using garage band and quick beats software. We ensured the instruments were higher pitched, the dynamics were loud and the tempo fast. We really enjoyed this!


PSHE - We continued with the taking care project talking about our Early warning signs and what to do when we feel unsafe. We updated our network with 5 safe adults that we can talk to about anything.





Year 6 Blog - w/c 28th September 2020


English - This week we read 'An Unexpected Guest' in Macbeth. No spoilers, but Macbeth had an unexpected guest at dinner and acted rather strangely at a feast. We delved into the actual Shakespeare version of the play and translated the Old English into modern day English. After, we put ourselves in the shoes of the dinner guests and acted it out in the classroom, focusing on our reactions. We then used our knowledge of the past progressive tense to write a recount from the guests' point of view. We're really enjoying reading the play!


Maths  - It was our assessment week this week in maths and the children were incredibly focused and showed a lot of resilient. We are very proud of them.


PSHE - we started the Taking Care project and looked into the rights of a child and the responsibilites we have to respect those rights. 


History - This week we looked into whether or not Mary I deserves her title of 'Bloody Mary'. We studied sources of information from pictures to maths data and decided whether or not Mary I really was as brutal as the history books make out.


Music - In music this week, we listened to and appraised 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. We discussed what we liked about the song and the instruments that are used in it. Afterwards, we learnt the importance of sign language and learnt how to sign the song.


Christmas cards have gone home this week. Please ensure that they are returned to school by next Friday 9th October 2020 if you have made an order online.





Year 6 Blog

w/c 21st September 2020



This week in maths we learnt to round any number to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and million! We then learnt about negative numbers and solved problems on them which involved temperature, money and science experiments.



In English, we wrote a non-fiction text based on what we had learnt in history about the Tudors. We focussed on ensuring our proper nouns had capital letters and used apostrophes for possession (eg. Some Tudor's houses were made from wattle and daub). 



In science, we looked at the structure of the eye. We learnt that our pupil changes size depending on how light/dark our environment is and saw this for ourselves when we turned the lights on/off. Try and see for yourselves at home.



We looked into Lady Jane Grey and examined evidence in order to debate. Do you think that she was innocent?


We have also been continuing to read Macbeth in class and we are all hooked on what happens next. We've also made our Tudor purses this week, completed our Christmas cards (we know it's only September!) and played tag rugby. What a busy week!

Home Learning Guidance:


In the event that your household has to self isolate or you are awaiting test results, work will be assigned by your class teacher on Google Classroom.


The work is assigned as a subject and split into days within this. Please ensure that you aim to complete one maths and one English activity a day as well as one science unit over the course of a week.


Teachers will be unable to replenish resources if they are worked through too quickly. If you’d like your child to access additional practice, please use ReadTheory, SpellingShed and Mathletics. If you have any problems logging in, contact


You can also find additional lessons at

Executive Committee and House Captain Elections

Dear Year 5 Children,

As we always do, in September we will elect our 16 House Captains and allocate 8 Executive Committee roles to children in Year 6.

You are free to put yourself forward for both roles if you wish but ultimately you will only be able to have one. The Executive Committee roles will be allocated prior to the House Captain roles.

Attached below are the job descriptions for all of the roles available. Please read these carefully before you consider applying.

There is no deadline yet for you to apply and it will not be done in the first week of the Autumn Term so please do not worry if you want to wait until September to decide.


Executive Committee

You need to apply for a specific executive committee role by writing a letter to Mrs Sheepy. You should refer to the job description for that role within your application as well as considering other reasons for why you would be suitable. We will then hold interviews in September with Mrs Sheepy and Mr Grana in the first few weeks of the Autumn Term. We will then elect House Captains after this.  


House Captains

You need to prepare a brief speech that you are happy to say in front of a selection of your peers as well as class teacher saying why you are suitable and referencing the job description. There will then be a vote to decide who will be the house captain representatives for each house. Each house will have four house captains (generally two boys and two girls).