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Year 6

Executive Committee and House Captain Elections

Dear Year 5 Children,

As we always do, in September we will elect our 16 House Captains and allocate 8 Executive Committee roles to children in Year 6.

You are free to put yourself forward for both roles if you wish but ultimately you will only be able to have one. The Executive Committee roles will be allocated prior to the House Captain roles.

Attached below are the job descriptions for all of the roles available. Please read these carefully before you consider applying.

There is no deadline yet for you to apply and it will not be done in the first week of the Autumn Term so please do not worry if you want to wait until September to decide.


Executive Committee

You need to apply for a specific executive committee role by writing a letter to Mrs Sheepy. You should refer to the job description for that role within your application as well as considering other reasons for why you would be suitable. We will then hold interviews in September with Mrs Sheepy and Mr Grana in the first few weeks of the Autumn Term. We will then elect House Captains after this.  


House Captains

You need to prepare a brief speech that you are happy to say in front of a selection of your peers as well as class teacher saying why you are suitable and referencing the job description. There will then be a vote to decide who will be the house captain representatives for each house. Each house will have four house captains (generally two boys and two girls).  

Summer Passport

Recommended Reading Books for Year 6 Transition

Home-Learning Guidance

If you are self-isolating or not attending school for any other reason, you can find some advice here on how to continue with a routine of home-learning. 

The advice given here is intended to guide you towards 4 daily activities: maths, English, curriculum and a reading task.




From this link, you can find the daily videos that we have been referring to in our Google Classroom assignments. Each day's video links up with the daily maths lesson on BBC Bitesize -


At the bottom of each BBC Maths Lesson, there are a set of activities. They come in the form of worksheets, videos, games and interactives. 


You can also use the following links for additional games or activities. - (requires your child's login) all activities can be accessed even if they haven't been assigned by teachers. Look for an activity that links with the BBC lesson. Your child will also enjoy 'Live Mathletics' and 'Multiverse', which are on the 'Play' section. 

English and Curriculum:

Both the BBC Daily Lessons and Oak National Academy provide full daily English lessons and a variety of different curriculum lessons over the course of the week. These mostly feature videos, worksheets, interactives and games


Remember that your child also has a logon for SpellingShed -


If you require your child to work unsupported for any of these activities, including maths, it is not a bad idea to set them lessons from a lower year group to their age. Please remember that we would not expect our Year 6 children to complete our lessons in school without teacher support.



You can use ReadTheory every day for some comprehension practice - 

You can contact if you have forgotten your logon. 


Attached below are a set of Reading Comprehension activities. Each one should not be completed in one day. You should try to follow a routine similar to the one below:

20 - 30 minutes - read, highlight tricky words, check meanings/definitions

20 - 30 minutes - read again and start answering questions

20 - 30 minutes - finish and review any answers, mark using the marksheet at the end of the document


Remember that the most important aspect of reading practice is just reading! You should try to read a book for an hour a day. 

Further Resources:

Science: - a selection of activities free for all


Geography and History: - a variety of history topics - factual website 


PE: - A range of PE activities that can be done at home -  home activities in pairs or individually

Joe Wicks Daily Workout on YouTube


Computing: - free computer coding website - free computer coding website


Music: - free weekly music lessons for home learning


Revision: - A website to offer support with learning - A website to offer support with learning


Released today: a free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler. 

Scheffler has illustrated a digital book for primary school age children, free for anyone to read on screen or print out, about the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it.


The book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds. 

To download a copy to read with your child, follow the link below. 



Easter Home-Learning Activities

Dear Year 6 Parents

Today, we stopped a number of children from signing each other's shirts. This was not done out of a lack of compassion. 

It was done because we are not saying goodbye to you or your children today. We will celebrate your children's time at Coten End when that time comes. 

We will see you on the other side.

KS2 Guidance for home-learning

How to access Google Classrooms

At the moment, we are finding that people have issues accessing the downloaded app. However, all web browsers (Chrome, InternetExplorer, Firefox, Safari etc.) will allow access as described on the attached document. 

If someone already uses GMAIL at home, they may need to sign-out first.

Self Isolation Guidance for parents

Welcome to our Year 6 Blog

Come here for weekly updates!

Year 6 Blog by Rhys and Kimran


This week year 6 have been learning about Dunkirk - the beach where British and other allied forces were stranded at the start of WWII and the Battle of Britain.

Kind reminder: 6NW will have their Evacuation Day next week and 6EH/6BC will have them on the following two weeks (see dates posted last time/on the app).

This week we have also been learning ratio in maths and converting it into fractions.

On Wednesday, we had a Holocaust Memorial Day assembly led by Dave Sternbeg and on Monday morning next week, Charity Committee and Executive Committee will be representing Coten End at Warwick's Holocaust Memorial event.



Year 6 Blog by Rhys (6NW)


In Year 6 we have been learning about World War II (WWII) or the Battle Of Britain.

Year 6 have had an outstanding first week and have produced some amazing work in our new topic. We have written about rationing and what it would be like to have to sacrifice so much of the food we love! In maths, we continue to work through all of the fraction methods and problems.

Our new class reading book is called Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll.


I hope you enjoy the photos we have uploaded. I apologise if you cannot identify your child amongst them! Obviously the nature of the activities makes it difficult to always capture faces, but we will share more photos at our Marle Hall Assembly on Thursday 5th December at 9.05am. 


Your children were a credit to you and our school. It was an absolute pleasure to spend the week with them and to see how much effort, determination and resilience they displayed throughout what is an extremely tiring week. Thank you all for your support.


Mr Williams

Marle Hall:

We are having an incredible time at Marle Hall. Everyone has stepped up to the challenge and the photos below give you a taste of what we have been up to.


Check in on Wednesday night and Thursday night for further photo updates.

Year 6 Introduction Evening and Marle Hall

House Captain and Executive Committee Job Description

Executive Committee interviews will be on Thursday 5th September.


Please send any letters to Mrs Sheepy by Wednesday 4th September (can be either a hard copy or emailed to


House Captain Elections on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th September.